About Us

I.A KYPRIADA TRADING & SERVICES LTD is a trading and service company that understands the importance of high quality in every aspect of the business process. Hence, we aim to develop a superior reputation to please our esteemed customers with desirable quality and high standards.
We have built close working relationships with our suppliers and customers to provide timely and reliable service and consistently exceed expectations and targets.

Our Οίνων Γεύσεις store in Nicosia offers wine, spirits, artisan Belgian chocolate, corporate gifts, accessories and more.

Striving to meet the growing and diverse demands of customers.
Providing quality products, reliable service, and sourcing from trusted manufacturers.
To become our customers' preferred supplier, with our products exceeding their quality requirements.

Our focus is to drive growth and foster lasting business relationships with our customers.
Responsiveness and customer engagement are the driving forces in the pursuit of excellence.
An efficient supply chain – directly from the supplier to the customer's doorstep.