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Replacement of a product or recovering the amount

Due to the specificity of our products and strict compliance with health and sanitary requirements, we do not accept product returns!

 Product exchanges are only possible when:

The consignee has made a thorough check upon receipt of the delivery and found a malfunction such as:

1. Product Integrity.

2. Defects caused by improper transportation.

3. Inconsistency with the product you requested

 In case of any of the mentioned deficiencies, the recipient is obliged to:
1. The supplier is notified on-site of detected transport malfunctions.

2. Refuse to accept the entire delivery or only damaged products and they are immediately returned to the supplier.

3. Please contact us within 24 hours to arrange a product replacement or refund.
After we check the returned product and find a fault, we will replace it with a new one and if the stock is out of stock, the same product will be replaced with another one or a refund will be issued.
Exchanges and resends of products related to these conditions are free!
If the above conditions are not met, the supplier is released from the obligation to replace the product or refund the amount.